Movies I will be waiting to watch this year (2015)

The year 2015 is going to be a big deal for movie fans because some their much expected movies from some of the reputed directors and star cast is expected to be released soon. Some of these movies are thriller, family drama, fantasy, science based movies with a variety of entertainments. Some of the movies… Continue Reading →

Jeff Dunham, marries again at the age of 52

The entertainment industry is changing fast with the development of digital technology. The advent of internet in every facet of life means that all those who are related to the entertainment industry, that includes actors and actresses, comedians and independent entertainers as well, have to change the way they project themselves. They have to face… Continue Reading →

St. Helena is a historic and intellectually stimulating place

Smaller cities have a laid back atmosphere that allows people to grow to their full potential at their own pace.  They are less competitive and more community driven and that may be the reason why you find people more friendly and easy going.  St. Helena is a small town in the middle of the famous… Continue Reading →

Brad Pitt, a versatile and talented actor

It is miraculous how some people achieve success in a very short time while others struggle for a lifetime and yet fail to reach their goals. Brad Pitt, Hollywood superstar has reached the pinnacle of fame and has become a household name in many parts of the world in a very short time.  His rugged… Continue Reading →

Fight Club a Serious Movie On Values in the Modern World

Movies became means of mass entertainment, unlike theatre because they generally tell a story, or convey a message. For few hours the audience are transported in a reality that is different and yet familiar with their own reality.  The effect is similar to reading a good novel but unlike a novel that is a flat… Continue Reading →